The Midwest Blue Oval Club was proud to be a partner with the Eureka Springs Chamber of Commerce this year. This is the first year the Midwest Blue Oval Club was in Eureka Springs AR for the annual Eureka Springs Mustang Show. We didn’t know what to expect when we took on this show at the last minute. The Eureka Springs Chamber of Commerce made all the arrangements for the show and the Midwest Blue Oval Club helped with man power and some administration duties.

On Friday, June 3rd, ARVEST, one of the main sponsors of the show, provided a great barbeque for anyone who wanted to show up. There were a lot of hungry people.

The Saturday show started off a little wet but that didn’t keep anyone from bringing out their cars. The DJ of the show brought out a game call “Kill”. This is where you buy numbered chips. Once they are all sold, then numbers are called out. If you have that number, it is no longer valid. When they get down to the last two chips, they can either split the winnings or another number is pulled to see who the winner will be. Les Jacobs of Les Jacobs Ford, who is another main sponsor of the show, ended up with the last two chips. This is a one in a million to have both chips. He graciously donated all the money back to the charity of the show. Thank you Les Jacobs for your support of the show.

Continuing on with the rest of the show, Dan Riley brought out his 65 Mustang GT350 Ken Miles tribute car. This car was created to honor one of Carroll Shelby’s most winning drivers and he was also one of the key members of the Shelby/Cobra race team in the early 1960’s. Dan took advantage of the show and fired up the engine and do a few revs several times for the crowd, which they enjoyed.

Here are the pictures from the event. Click on the picture to enlarge.

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