Sean-Paul is the producer of Intrigue Theater a show in Eureka Springs now in its 8th Season. 
After 20 years of performing magic and illusion around the world in places from Las Vegas to Alaska and throughout the Caribbean, Sean-Paul and his wife Juliana Fay where inspired by the Haunted Victorian town of Eureka Springs to create an experience that would be totally unique. 
At Intrigue Theater they conduct paranormal experiments from Ghost Talking to walking through walls, Voodoo, Bio Feedback (the ability to stop one’s own heart and then restart it) and many many more subjects.  In 2017 they were invited to perform in Las Vegas on Penn and Teller’s Fool Us show where they demonstrated the infinity theory with their Real Mind Reading Monkey. 
 Here is a special link to order tickets. You must use code mustang to receive up to 13% off. Click here.

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The Intrigue Theater Box office Eureka Springs’ MUST SEE show

855 446 8744



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